New Racism/New Sexism

Looking at some of the elite in this world, we seem to have left racism and sexism far behind us. Non-whites hold some of the most powerful positions in this world. They are presidents, MPs, CEO’s of multinationals, famous actors and millionaire’s. The same counts for women. Still the world did not become less racist or sexist. The tribute that many of these successful men and women had to pay in order to get where they are is to adapt even more intimately to dominant ideology. Thus women became some of the fiercest fighters for war and the strongest promoters of neoliberalism.
But the world has not changed. Poverty is still predominantly coloured and female. Why do I think that this is still due to racism and sexism and not just a matter of class struggle or in liberal terms, due to the selection of the fittest? I think the colour of the skin and the sex of a person comes immediately into play when a person is not exceptionally successful and adapted to the dominant values of western society.
As long as someone is a prominent president an invisible whitener seems to brush his face. And we become in a way colour blind. But as soon as people are just normal people fighting for survival in a harsh world. People turn black and blacker in our regards. The more they are poor and excluded from society the darker gets their skin colour. Unemployed people, immigrants, poor women become dark skinned, second class citizens. Which means for men to be judged as potentially criminal, for women (up to 28) to be considered a sex-object or (from 28 upwards) to be entirely ignored as useless creatures.


Racism is not based on reality. It rather creates its reality of “real” differences. It is not the actual presence of people from different origins immigrating to Europe that triggers racism. Racism existed also without immigrants. Racism just takes on ever new forms of existence. There is always someone who is invented as other, stranger, and fundamentally different, and therefore needs to be excluded. Jewish history gives numerous examples, how people can be constructed to be the other even though they have been our close neighbour for centuries. And we should not believe that the society of the 19th Century was more unified, because there was no one with a different skin colour living in Europe. There was always someone black enough: Workers for example. Working in the polluting surroundings of plants or carbon mines their skin colours were probably often not white indeed.