If there is a word that I don’t like, it is the word job. This does not mean that I never use it. It crosses the lips very easily, my lips too easily. And this is partly why I don’t like the word: it slips out of the mouth without significance. There is a reason for it. This reason is why I don’t like the word. Doing one’s job, is to do something without engagement, without responsibility and without empathy. A job is a job, some sort of obligation without involvement. You think this is a complete over-interpretation of the word from my part – “job” just refers to a workplace, a position at the work place? And you think that saying, a job is a job, doesn’t mean that people don’t feel inclined to do a good job? But, why when something or someone fails (like a policeman who shoots an innocent) do we say, he just did his job? I don’t want to give the fault to a word, the word is innocent. It just reveals our wish to find a way out of responsibility. I will not stop using the word, but I would wish to stop its crossing my lips too easily.