This is supposed to be an eloge on therapy as I think it is extremely important to cure minds and hearts and not only bodies. Yet, thinking about therapy brings in many aspects that suggest the topic to be more ambivalent than I would love it to be. It all began with popularizing Freud, Oedipus, the Penis Envy and the Unconscious. And it continued with Woody Allen, I quote: “I had a shrink then, I have a shrink now. I had three wives down the line and I still love whores…” His public testimonials of therapy experiences are another step towards a trend that culminated in the establishment of reality TV therapy (RTVT), in other words reality shows with life therapy sessions. We can say that these developments are a logical feature of the current society having grown exhibitionist. Public therapy is part of a society that likes to portray itself in all sorts of formerly private moments in selfies and reality shows and with it introduces competition and pressure of having to perform outstandingly in all realms of our private life. But why do we cure our minds and hearts publicly and not our bodies? Apparently there is nothing to discuss about our bodies, but there is about our minds and hearts. I am not so sure about this in either way. Maybe there is more to discuss  about our bodies and less about our minds and hearts.