Hoping for workers struggels in China.
How far is China? “We” thought it is far away, far enough, and tried to push it even further away. China was to be an exotic other for centuries ­imagining mysterious beauties in secret places of the forbidden city.
But exotic as it was deemed to be, it was soon to be associated with the other side of the medal of the exotic label, a “dark power”: At the end of 19th century an expression was born, which comprises a fear of chinese masses migrating to Europe: the yellow peril.
Nowadays China grew close in a very different way than expected, not as an exotic other, and neither as a ‘yellow peril’. Although for sure many would love to draw a continuity of this resentment up to now. But there is no uncivilised hordes breaking into Europe from China.
China advances in fields, which have been western connotated. It seems to overtake ‘us’, know and practice capitalism better than we do, without compromise.
What do we do? “We” are still hoping China is far, far enough. But I think we should rather hope it gets ever closer, closer to the people instead of the ideology.
Solidarity with the workers in China is more profitable for us than fighting against them ­ caught in the logic of capitalist competition.