Of course I could not miss out on choosing love for the letter l. Even though I don’t feel competent. But can love be a matter of competence? It has often been said that love is when someone is special for you and when you are special for someone, even though we all feel to be just one among others, nothing special. It is the most beautiful promise to become someone special for being just what you are.
The sad thing about love is that the person who is supposed to be someone special is often treated like the most unspecial person by the one who chose this person to be special for her. Why is this? How can something that is supposed to create the exclusiveness of a person fling to its complete opposite and create the condition that this person can be treated worse than anybody on the road. I can only guess. Love is unruly. It allows for a transgression of rules set in society and by this unfolds something like a state of exception, a realm of arbitrary rule, to which everyone who allows love is exposed to and that can only be outweighed by the care and responsibility with which we love, by a very singular choice of treating the special one with diligence and love.