Racism is not based on reality. It rather creates its reality of “real” differences. It is not the actual presence of people from different origins immigrating to Europe that triggers racism. Racism existed also without immigrants. Racism just takes on ever new forms of existence. There is always someone who is invented as other, stranger, and fundamentally different, and therefore needs to be excluded. Jewish history gives numerous examples, how people can be constructed to be the other even though they have been our close neighbour for centuries. And we should not believe that the society of the 19th Century was more unified, because there was no one with a different skin colour living in Europe. There was always someone black enough: Workers for example. Working in the polluting surroundings of plants or carbon mines their skin colours were probably often not white indeed.


The most disturbing question is why? Why is putting into question why it is like it is? Why is what children ask us and we cannot answer to. Why is what we say to ourselves when we feel that the world has been unjust with us. Why am I not three inches taller, why does no one love me, why does it always rain, when I forget my umbrella at home? Most existential interrogations stand next to most ordinary ones. Why connects the umbrella to god and us to the limits of our knowledge. Children ask adults. Adults mostly have no one to ask to. And this is one of the most harmful experiences of being an adult. Why is the abyss of human existence or putting it into less loaded concepts: Asking why confronts us with our limits. We simply cannot give an answer to everything.